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Speak Up. Show Up.

Nov 28, 2022

When you know you are called to use your voice, expertise, and message to serve in our world, that desire can burn strong, even hot at times. It’s not just about saying the thing, telling the story… it’s about feeling fully expressed when you do it. 


And yet, especially for women and others who are marginalized in power in our society, we are taught all the ways we should be careful, stay smaller, and not make other people uncomfortable when we speak on stages, share our message on podcast guest interviews, write your book... This continuous uninvited training can be so stealthy that we don’t even realize all the ways it is holding us back from feeling the rich satisfaction of our fullest expression. 


In this episode, you’ll see the ways you might be holding back, even when you don’t mean to, and take away strategies for releasing the fear (and thought storms) that can keep you from showing up in your most glorious, full expression. 


When you listen, you’ll learn:

  • Specific examples of surrendered expression compared to the careful expression we are taught to share
  • How to connect with your body in order to recognize when you are constricted - and how to tap the feelings of full expression too
  • Questions to ask yourself to help you understand your full expression more completely
  • The impact of “state of mind” on performance - and how to not let it stop you from expressing yourself anyway
  • Ways to remember that Infinite Potential is available to you always
  • Where full expression interplays with spirituality - and why you don’t have to be “spiritual” in order to be fully expressed (it’ll happen anyway - you are MADE of this)


I hope this episode serves you and your beautiful voice powerfully. 


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